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The span and spread of red and blue police lights as they cover nearly everything in their vicinity.
"I'm caught in the sea right now bro! Theres 5-0 in every direction I look! If I move at all I'll go to jail!"
by MAXX_ATTAXX_101 June 24, 2017

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A dirty deal that has very little chance to have a positive outcome. Or, a choice made by one person to spite another within the very murky lines of the law. (Particularly that of racing; that both parties must accept the terms of racing, and that all racers must accept the outcome of one another’s actions (dirty racing))
“Cale Yarborough went for a gap that was going to disappear, and Donnie Allison threw a block That was almost certainly going to wreck someone if not both of them. At the end of the day… it was just one of those racing deals.” Youtube: The Most Important Race in NASCAR History Deserves a Closer Look: The 1979 Daytona 500 time: 8:45
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by MAXX_ATTAXX_101 July 07, 2020

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