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A fanboy of math rock and all things surrounding the genre.
Typically has short hair combined with a fringe that covers a large portion of the face.

popular math bands, which the math kid loves, are;

Giraffes? Giraffes!
Three trapped tigers
Minus the bear.

Math kids are often linked to mathcore kids, who are more metalcore/hardcore influenced. Includes 'math' esque rhythms and screaming over chopped up dissonant guitars and unusual time signatures such as 7/16

Popular bands amongst mathcore kids would be;
Dillinger Escape Plan
Rolo Tomassi
Horse the band.
"Maaaan, that kid was so math, did you see his fringe?"

"*sounds of drones"

"man, that mathcore band were crazy, did you hear their synth and crazy guitars, they were crazy."

"Did you see that math kid, he was well mathy."
by MATHY1234 December 23, 2009

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