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during rear-entry coitus (doggy-style)--most typically unprotected intercourse where the receiving party (the "catcher") has either inferred or implicitly stated that the "preacher" refrains from filling him/her with their "holy water", the person doing the penetration, upon reaching an orgasm shouts:


note: emphasis should be placed on the usage of a southern accent and a quick (but hard) push onto the head of the "church goer" upon yelling "Shazam!"

variants include: "going televaginalist" , "pulling a preacher", "going preacher" or "baptist"
Preacher: "dude, me and Sharon were screwing last night and I so pulled a Preacher-Man on her...she got so pissed because she told me she wasn't on the pill anymore"

"so, I heard you screwed Sharon, as soon as you two got back together...(?)"

Preacher: "Yeah, man, I so went televaginalist on that @$$"

"Oh, word?"

Preacher: "totally...she still has a sore neck. I think I gave her whiplash...but luckily she isn't mad at me anymore."
by MADAOXCHAN July 18, 2009
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1. Portmanteau of "brutal" and "beautiful".

2. When something is so sardonically beautiful and/or has a dark or morbid appeal meshed with sheer "purdiness", tact and/or skillfulness it can only be described thusly.
ex.1: dude...that song "Mordecai" by Between The Buried and Me is so breautiful...but I think the same about "Selkies: The Endless Obsession" and hell, all of their stuff is breautiful so I can't choose a favorite song of theirs.

ex.2: "Have you seen any of the Saw movies?"

"Yeah, I love them! The philosophy and motivation of Jigsaw and his puzzles...its so breautiful."

ex.3: I'd have to say my favorite classic expressonist painting of all time would be Edvard Munch's "The Scream" ...its extremely breautiful.
by MADAOXCHAN July 23, 2009
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