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A bro can be easily spotted, wearing wife beaters, no shirt, or brands such as Skin, SRH, Metal Mulisha, Famous Stars and Straps, Hostility, etc. Also they wear dickies, long socks, hats to the side and bill straight, also SPY sunglasses all the time, plug gauges and bandanas in the back pocket. Bros party all they time, get high enough to make parties better, drive their lifted trucks, go riding dirtbikes and/or quads. Bros listen to just about any kind of music, KMK, Kingspade, Tech N9ne, Blink 182, Papa Roach, just about any kind of rock, rap and even sometimes country. Bros are looked down upon by society because they know how to have fun and are optimistic about life. Not all bros are racist like believed to be, and they don't beat the girlfriends, like dumb asses think. Bros are extremely close to friends, almost as though they are brothers, you do not mess with one bro without getting his friends involved. Bros also refer to eachother as "Bro" because of the fact they are close just like brothers are. Bro-Hoes are the girl equivalent to the Bro. Bros are basically a group of people from Southern California or Arizona who like to have fun and don't care what people think.
1) I say this because I am a bro and just about everyone who wrote these other texts do not know what they are talking about, not everyone bro is stupid and racist...shows how ignorant you are, HAHA

2) "Whats goin down tonight bro?"
by M-NEU October 03, 2007

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