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1.) An unsavory skank, male or female, who is persistently senile and out of touch with reality. When not wreaking havoc in public, they spend their time in holes, gutters, sewers, cardboard boxes, Chicken coops, roofs of tall buildings, and sometimes even luxurious mansions, brewing up brilliantly odd and completely unnecessary plots against society in order to justify whatever the individual skiznak feels violates their hallucinated purpose.
Considered one of the rare jewels of society, skriznaks are people that frequently display outrageous and sometimes superhuman upheavals of rage that will rapidly twist and mangle any previously normal situation into complete chaos. They utterly devastate any establishment or social environment that happens to be in their vicinity. (Usually in public). The popularly accepted cause of their behavior is said to be drug-related (prescriptions not excluded), but the existence of some skriznaks can be the result of brain damage, bad upbringing, terminal chemical imbalances in the brain, bad hygiene, television, mind control, time travel...or a combination of all these things. Skriznaks are the unpredictable bastard villains of our civilization who possess unfounded compulsatory intentions to lurk in other people´s affairs, trying to assemble clever schemes with the broken tools of a crippled mind. Most are filthy and wear old raggy clothes, but some have a sense of fashion, especially when they claim a Wal-Mart or JCPenny´s. Skriznaks will approach a group of people casually and ask someone a friendly question. The conversation may go well for up to several minutes, until the skriznak begins speaking angry jibberish, believing they were just offended by something the other person said. Then the communication breakdown begins. The scriznak will begin making odd gestures with his head, hands, arms, and legs simultaneously, that almost resemble a breakdancer having a seizure. They will scream rash accusations while naming various food products at the same time between words, even between the middle of one word. This is when the "switch" in their head has been flipped. It is followed by epic violence and heroic destruction. They are usually gone by the time the police arrive, with the dust still settling.
A violent confrontation broke out down the street at a convenience store. When we heard that the big dumpster in the back of the building was smashed through the front windows, and the clerk was found on the roof naked, we knew it was a skriznak..
by M Scrizz May 07, 2005
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