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Going shopping specifically to prepare for the annual high school ritual we call "Prom".
random girl #1- "omgg shelly we NEED to go Promming, like, for real."

Shelly-" like, omggg yesss, I need to get shoes and a dress and a manicure and ommmggg."
by Lydia Jackson March 16, 2008

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Pronunciation: 'zahm-bee

One of the undead or the walking dead, an animated soulless corpse controlled by a voodoo deity. This state of being can come about due to prolonged exposure to kibitzing hoydens, hypocritical robots, and excessive sweating from time spent in the heat. Often a result of a strenuous marching band routine.
Dude, Brian has become such a zombie from all that marching band practice, just listen to him!

(Monotone voice and expressionless face)
"Float 16 hold 4 sir."

by Lydia jackson October 20, 2007

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