1 definition by Lyall Brownish Stuart

A spin off on the term ‘Frat Bro’ expect in context of academic debate. A ‘Debate Bro’ will out of their way to make sure everyone knows how smart they are at post-modern philosophy, international relations, deductive reasoning, and other obscure topics while simultaneously shaming other debaters for their lack of expertise in said areas. A ‘Debate Bro’ ruins the fun of academic debate for others and proliferates the toxicity of exclusivity, racism etc. within the space.
John “Dude, wtf you haven’t read DnG’s 1000 Plateaus? You should, you’d win so many debates with the information in it”
Jason “Dude, stfu, you went 2-5 last tournament, stop being a ‘debate bro’.
by Lyall Brownish Stuart August 24, 2019