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A therian is someone who identifies as a non human earthen animal either spiritually or psychologically.

Therian is short for therianthropy or therianthrope. Theri= animal, anthro=man. Therians can have "shifts" but not all do. All therians understand that they cannot physically shift and are not physically an animal, they know they are physically human.

Therians are a category that fall under otherkin. Otherkin is anyone who identifies as non human. This includes therians, mythkin, fictionkin, plankin, etc. Not all therians are spiritual, some are psychological and not all therians have a connection with their theriotype.
Her theriotype is a rabbit.

He psychologically identifies as a hawk.

She spiritually identifies as a fish.

Lucy is a therian.
by Lux Divone July 6, 2017
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