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A character from Sonic the hedgehog. Knuckles is the soul survivor of an ancient echidna tribe,who were whiped out by Chaos, the god of destrucion. He lives on Angel island, guarding the master emerald, he's as strong as he is gullible and he is the strongest sonic character AND HE DOES NOT LOVE ROUGE THE BAT!!!! (You could say that he absolutely DESPISES her for trying to steal the master emerald)
He's also the 3rd fastest sonic character
by Lunarstone March 09, 2004
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A sly, theiving, and sexy voiced bat character from the Sonic the hadgehog. As a master theif, and a government spy, she has become a world famous tresure hunter and Knuckles the echidna's greatest rival.
And she does NOT love Knuckles, so SHUT UP, rouge and knuckles fan!
by Lunarstone April 07, 2004
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