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Street Punks were originally Punk, but now less 'punk' bands have taken over the term Punk.
Street Punks have mohawks, spiked hair, chains, peircings, Doc Martens, leather jackets and listen to bands like Oxymoron and The Casualties. The common symbol they were is the Anarchy Symbol and they are usually interested in politics.
"Wow those street punks look scary, and a bit like clowns, they probably wouldn't bash us though."
by Luisa R. Low October 01, 2004
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El meaning 'the' and 'Hefe' meaning boss.
El Hefe is also a band member in NoFX.
El Hefe is also a character in the play in progress at Pennant Hills Drama School in Sydney. El Hefe is a sly character played by Luisa Low. And is definately the 'in charge one' with his/her smugness, coolness and slyness.
1. El Hefe might be firing me soon, I have missed days of work due to extreme hungoverness.
2. El Hefe was soooo rad live! He jumped around and it was such a sick performance by NoFX.
3. The sly fox, El Hefe entered the building, with her liberty spikes, everyone trembled, El Hefe exerted an aroma of coolness which made any sane peson weak at the knees.
by Luisa R. Low October 01, 2004
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