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1. When a person gets covered in cum from head to toe.

2. An airhead who talks the whole time about sex and gets pride out of her pervy experiences.
1. The gangbang finished with all the guys lining up and cumming all over her body, one by one, turning her into a cumcake.

2. Becky is quite a cumcake, the other day she was talking to her friends with joy about the fact that she used to swallow her co-worker's cum every day.
by Lucky Loser August 24, 2006
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A person who was born or lives in Argentina, and who is characterized by extreme egocentrism and blind patriotism when it comes to national affairs. Has the firm beliefs that Maradona was a better football player than Pelé and that the Falkland Islands are actually called Malvinas and belong to Argentina. Will move mountains to defend his/her countrymen, even if they did wrong things like beating women or trafficking drugs. Thinks it's acceptable to cheat in sports. Comprehended almost the whole population in Argentina until the late 1970s, and was still quite a common type there until the beggining of the 2000's and the economic crisis. Recently the number of Argentards has faced a decrease, giving place to a more conscious, open-minded countryman. P.S.: The word is simply a fusion of Argentinian and retard.
I argued for hours with that kid from Mar del Plata, but he wouldn't admit that Argentina is not the center of the universe. What an argentard!!!
by Lucky Loser August 24, 2006
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