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the reason these women are writing songs about deciet and hurt and busting windows out of cars. The sign you cant stand but cant live without. The motion of a libra is fluid too so love making is like breathing to us, we ust do it naturally

Ppl tend to think Libras heads and egos are big but its not, you ppl should read between the lines, why do you thin we like compliments so much?

We are indecisve but forgiving and goofy

Did i forget we can be crazy as hell
Emniem is crazy, TI always retracts some kind of statement, young jeezy is hella dumb but always at some damn party, lil wayne is a typical libra. Keyshia cole is a crazy libra woman for ya, who tha hell puts their crackhead mother on TV? Snoop Dogg cnat decide if he wants to stop smoking weed or not, Bernie Mac was hella gofy but funny, Ashanti id well, shit she hides her life well

Brett Favre cant decide if he wants to retire or not, Steve Young never agrees with a damn soul on NFL countdown, i could go on and on

oooooooooooooo mya and christina millian, two libra women and obsession and caramel(the pornstars)haha
by Lucky Libra January 23, 2009

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