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When someone sneezes out jizz from their nose, and it dangles from both nostrils, twirling around one another before falling on the ground where you just took a jizz on a person sleeping.

Also obvious dick is obvious.
Jizzy: AHCOO! *boogers drip from nose*

Cummel Does: JIZZY! Obvious jizz is obvious!

Jizzy: Snot funny Does! This isn't my jizz damn it! It's yours! You selipped jizzy pills into nose didn't you?!?

Cummel Does; OH HO! You REMEMBERD! *embarassed cock* *then starts to jizz*

Jizzy: EWWWWwwwwW! Obvious cum is obvious!
by Lubricus Genitilius March 02, 2011
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