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Full lips, round booties, brown skin, cornrows, braids are all traits that are commonly found in black women and women of african descent.

Although these traits are common on black women, society does not acknowledge the beauty of these traits unless these traits appear on a non-black female.

Hijacked black beauty occurs when society praises and glorifies a non-black woman who has full lips, a round booty, cornrows or any other physical feature that is common amongst women of african descent. But ignores and demeans the beauty of black women as if black women have not had these same features all along.

This is a form of anti-black woman racism which exist because of people's inability to recognize the beauty of the black-black woman.

It is clear that people find these traits appealing, yet many people still hold the racist belief that these same features are ugly on black women.
I notice that round booties and full lips didn't become considered beautiful until J.Lo and Angelina Jolie became celebrities, no one wants to accept black beauty, but they accept hijacked black beauty instead.
by Lovinmysistas.com May 19, 2011
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