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The Lovett School is a private, coeducational, college-preparatory day school in Atlanta, GA for grades K-12. They are spoiled brats and from about 1-12 grades they wear booty skirts. The majority race is American (white). Most people that go there are athletic, rich, snobby, and a little show show(even the guys). Their mascots are Lions and they are often refered to as Lovett Losers or Screw Blue, or even Hateit. There rivalry school is Westminster, or Westmonster. The description is about the same but, it's much harder to get into Westminster because it is a better school that has a reputation to uphold, while at Lovett they can accept the rich dumb slutty blondes. Also they aren't the best at athletics because its pretty hard to compete with Westminsters ongoing record.
Lovett Kid 1:Didn't Westminster win the rivalry football game last year?

Lovett Kid 2:Yup, and the year before that.

Lovett Kid 1:Wow, and didn't they beat Lovett at the robotics tourney too?

Lovett Kid 2:Yep, game and brains.

Lovett Kid 1:Dang, I'm ashamed to wear this Lovett sweatshirt. Has the application deadline passed yet?

Lovett Kid 2:Yeah, I think so.

Lovett Kid 1:Darn. I want to trade in my blue for green.

Lovett Kid 2:Maybe next year dude.
by LovettVSWestminster April 05, 2011

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