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Meaning: Warrior
Irma is a beautiful, strong, independent woman for whom always fights for freedom and hates restriction, is fascinated by the unknown and can often be undisciplined, taking risks without considering the potential consequences of her actions. She can be proud at times, and restless at times but her impulsiveness and courage can take her further than she intends. She is excited by change, adventure, excitement, is dynamic, multi-talented and a visionary. She has great enthusiasm, determination, energy, as well as enormous effort, does not like to be told what to do, she is a born warrior/ leader which causes others to feel intimidated or threatened by her. Show her disloyalty she does not have a problem to show you detachment which causes her to have few but loyal true friends. She is a fighter she is a true lover and very compassionate for those who she feels are helpless and she feels the need to protect. She is no stranger to love at first sight, and outbursts of passion punctuate her romantic life, she can be quick tempered and jealous, although her own loyalty isn´t totally flawless. But she´s so very lovely and passionate when she expresses her affection and love. Love for her often has to be aggressive for her in order to be interesting!
She is mostly known for taking away many hearts and having them desire her for a long time. Many not only fall in love with her outer beauty but her strong willed beautiful fighting soul.
Love Irma and she will always be in your heart...
Hate Irma she will always be on your mind.
by LovelyLinda December 30, 2014

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