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The best-looking cool guy in town. He seems quiet, but often makes the smartest remark of the evening - offering quality over quantity. Known for his subtle yet elegant attire and purest love for kitties.
That Conway, what a dapper young man!
by Lovely Librarian April 15, 2009

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Noun. Means, eating a burrito with the mouth.
Dude, let's go to Tijuana and engage in unprotected burritolingus!
by Lovely Librarian November 05, 2007

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A combination of the words quim and Caramello, the chocolate and caramel candy bar produced by the Cadbury company. Refers to an overproduction of vaginal fluids.
Take a chill pill sista'! Sheesh! If you leaked any more pussy nougat, you'd be a Quimarello!
by Lovely Librarian October 19, 2007

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