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Short for Jealous. Use when you just simply don't have enough time to say the entire word "Jealous," or want to make other Hipster d-bags feel inferior by not knowing the hippest, newest slang.
You're so Jealy, Brah!
You just have a case of the jealies.
by Lou Is Cool June 20, 2011
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- Did you hear the skrama that Aaron Barrett dated Gwen Stefani in the '90s, but got jealous when No Doubt got famous and made a few songs about it?

-OMG Skrama alert, Tomas Kalnoky of Streetlight Manifesto TOTES just released their own Keasbey Nights and it's better than the original. That's what Catch 22 gets for being douchnozzles.

-Did you hear that ska is dead?
-WTF is ska?
by Lou Is Cool February 7, 2013
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