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Elitism is the feeling or notion that oneself or their group- along with the accompanying ideals and standards- are better than another person's or group's. Contrary to most of the ill-informed definitions given on UD, Elitism is NOT a trait found only in the weak-minded, or those incapable of formulating their own views. It actually is very common to find Elitism in fields such as Physics and other science, since not all scientists conform to the same theories. While it may inhibit progress in some instances, it does keep a rough accepted norm for what is logical to believe.
When Quantum Mechanics was first proposed, many Physicists refused to accept that it could be correct, which is an example of sensible Elitism, as no theory in Physics had ever claimed anything like it.

The U.S. Government houses extreme amounts of Elitism, none of which is productive to the country.
by Lord Inglip August 19, 2011
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