3 definitions by Lopez

A person who generally prefers mexican gilrs an refuses to date white girls unless they are extremely short.
Dude, that teters is goin out with that mexican chic.
by Lopez December 12, 2004
A Fat Girl that always eats cake and pee's on them self and say its water!
Shut up Poof Cake!
by Lopez April 25, 2004
Any poor excuse of a woman that was banged one to many times by her brother, uncle, father and grandpa since she was 11. Most defenately a collection of every vinarial disease on the planet and loving it. Their definition of a romantic time is to slapped arround because it makes them horny and wet. The only good point to these beasts is that you can lick'em stick'em and send them away, the bad point is that they allways come back for more.
by Lopez August 9, 2003