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A costly and troublesome hallucination which nobody wants to mention.

It's also an intentionally confusing combination of the expressions "white elephant", "pink elephant", and "elephant in the room", which are now being conflated on the internet.
K: It was the pink elephant in the room.

B: You mean "elephant in the room"
K: No, I mean pink elephant in the room
B: I don't think that's a thing.
K: So what's a pink elephant?
B: Maybe I'm confused with a white elephant?
K: googles it
K: Look! It's on Urban Dictionary! I win.
B: This is the white and pink elephant in the room.
K: I think you're hallucinating.
by LonePollux October 27, 2018
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The confusion experienced where a text conversation has several simultaneous threads, which overlap, occasionally amusingly.
A - "Are we looking after the dog this Thursday?"
B - "Natch."
B - "How you?"
B - "Have you put the pictures up yet?"
A - "When did you start saying Natch?"
A - "It's horrid"
B - "Could you grab some dog food?"
A - "No"
A - "I mean I haven't put the pictures up yet. I'll get dog food"
A - "Tired. Went to the gym"
B - "Natch"
B - "#Distextia"
by LonePollux October 23, 2017
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