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This is an acronym for Pussy, Titties and Sucking Dick. Similar to Netflix and chill without Netflix.

PTSD is also a psychological and emotional Sex disorder that causes someone to believe that they are unable to cope with the demands without sex.
After the work, I want some PTSD

I haven't had sex for a long time, I have PTSD
by LivinLegend19 January 11, 2019
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When your latina girlfriend starts dating and her family is happy so they make sure he is with her everywhere.

It does not matter where she goes because they will invite the boyfriend for her.

If she tells them that she went somewhere they will simply ask her "Y tu Brad?"

Note : It can be used with any name ,but used in the same contents. just at "Y tu".

Cuando tu novia comienza a salir y su familia está feliz, entonces se aseguran de que él esté con ella en todas partes.
No importa a dónde vaya porque invitarán al novio por ella.
Si ella les dice que fue a algún lugar, simplemente le preguntarán "¿Y tu Brad?"

Nota: se puede usar con cualquier nombre, pero se usa en los mismos contenidos. justo en "Y tu".
Her : Im going to the concert
Su: voy al concierto

Her Family: "Y tu Brad"
by LivinLegend19 March 17, 2022
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