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The act of suppressing certain emotions (such as: anger, resentment, disappointment) and being able to maintain a nonchalant demeanor.

-remaining cool, under extreme emotions.
girl 1: Hey Ana, i heard how Sarah ditched you last minute to go to the mall.. Are you okay?
girl 2: Hmm yeahh i guess.. I'm just throwin' cool right now until this all blows over. It's fine, they were only sold out concert tickets after all.

Guy1: Dude, i didn't know Emma dumped you for Eric.
Guy2: Yeah man, she said, "nothing personal, ur just not my type."
Guy1: Man that's soo lame.
Guy2: Yeahh i know. But it's whatever. I'm just throwin cool.. Were still on for C.O.D saturday right??
by Liviana9112 March 12, 2010
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