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When a person has had enough of an employer and cannot stand the same rut every day this can be shouted or txd after you quit or go a-wall from everyone.
ITonya: I just let the larm go and said F.T.S.J.
Becky: Why the hel did you do that your gonna get fired.
ITonya: Depression and bi-polar disorder is a bitch. Not to mention, I have this guy on my ass that is obssessed with his apperence and wants me to feel wrong so he doesn't cry in his chereo's and ramen noodles when the dumb ass figures out he has feelings for me.
Becky: WTF are you talking about?

ITonya: Jayliegh I hate the S.O.B. but it's all I keep thinking about. I "work" at the place that we went to one time for frolacking. He took me on the hood of my car in the shipping/rec. Dock. Every time I walk to the entrance door I remember it. Ficken sux Anywho, we broke it off!
Becky: Oh, thats why you don't wanna go <3 pains quit being a sop, tell him you love him still.
ITonya: He knows, and uses it for destruction
by LivInmy2hoesA$$ November 19, 2009

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