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A selfless individual who takes semi-abandoned/ emotionally raw teenagers under their wing as a temporary or permanent non-biologically related parent. Though, almost constantly it feels as if they could be your parent.Examples of activities that happen between your and pseudo mom: Boba ball fights, exchanging of music, staying weeks at a time at her house, finding her dogs in the rain while singing "i'm singing in the rain", Talking comfortably about sex,and sobbing like two babies when she moves to the next city. Psuedo moms are almost alway cooler, younger, and more understanding than biological parents. Most of the time you will leave your house go to your psuedo mom, and be home
"so nice to meet you Alexandra, and this must be your daughter!"

"nope, i'm her psuedo mom!"
by Littlest.Estes May 13, 2012

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