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The story of 16 year old Tohru Honda who lives by herself in a tent after her grandfather has to remodel. She runs into the Sohma family and she learn that the family is cursed! The family turns into animals of the Chinese Zodiac when hugged by a member of the opposite sex! Very original story by Natsuki Takaya-sensei and beloved anime/manga. I highly recommend this to any anime/manga fan!
Example 1:
You're an apple!

You're a banana!

You're an orange!



Honda-san, you're the riceball.

I waited patiently for them to call "riceball"..

But I never thought things through enough to know..

That there's no way a riceball can be in a Fruits Basket.

Example 2: The snow always melts

Example 3: Kyo: DAMN RAT! ><;
by LittleOnigiriTohru January 01, 2005

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Anime usage in chatrooms to show shifty eyes. Sometimes used with a semi-colon to show nervousness.
ChibiMoon20: <<
ChibiMoon20: >>
ChibiMoon20: ><
ChibiMoon20: <<;
ChibiMoon20: >>;
DudeKid34: Dude, STFU!! ><;
by LittleOnigiriTohru January 01, 2005

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