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A Barnyard Pimp is a rooster. So called because the rooster has a pimp comb, a pimp strut, and a pimp sound.

Plus, the barnyard pimp keeps track of all his ho's, ie the chickens. And, if one of them needs some sweet loving, the barnyard pimp is there.
Yo, its time to get up and get to work, the barnyard pimp is up making noise.

The hens haven't been laying eggs, soon we might have to eat the barnyard pimp.

We need more chickens, we need to borrow yo' barnyard pimp.
by Little Smokey November 25, 2007

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The act of of putting a fish up your ass for sexual gratification.
My friend an EMT told me about this guy they found with a frozen salmon up his ass. They had to take him to the hospital to get it removed. They call that move the rusty scupper!
by Little Smokey October 04, 2007

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A barnyard egg is freshly laid. A euphemism for the post coital glow.
Her: How do you like your eggs?
You: Barnyard egg style
Her: Huh?
You: Freshly laid baby. Get back in bed.

Her: How do I look?
You: Like a barnyard egg, freshly laid!
by Little Smokey November 25, 2007

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