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a different pronounciation of the bean curd, hummus. a term first thought up by a group of 8th grade asian bballers in at a yosemite trip, after eating the spread on a nature hike. a meaningless, yet humorous word. pronounced with a hebrew accent on the ch, as in hoomoose.
by Lisa Y June 30, 2005

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a white person with the general features of:
-eats only "american" food, or eats imitation forign foods limited to : taco bell, sushi, or chow mein and fried rice.
-gets an extensive allowance, but spends it all, then turns to the overused line of "its not my money, its my parents" while overloading the family credit card.
-acutaly, they dont have a family credit card. they already have their own
-wears expensive clothing of brands that are known as "preppy"
-marries other white people
-goes on vacation to europe and tropical areas, or visits asian or other rural areas "to gain knowlege" etc.
-Bs and Cs are great grades, infact, they only got one D this quarter!
-doesnt associate with "fobs", and think the fob diet is limited to chow mein and fried rice
example: whitie 1. lets go shopping!
whitie 2. i only got 30 dollars this week! what can i buy..a shirt?
whitie 1. thats okay, ill buy things for you. its not my money, its my parents money!

what did you have for dinner?
oh i had asian food. i LOOOOVEEEE sushi! want some leftover california rolls? oh wait, nevermind. i threw them away.
by Lisa Y June 30, 2005

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a term used in excitement. commonly used by a group of asian bballers. also, yayuh is often said with chopping hand motions, where you stiffen up your arms and move them infront of your stomach as if rubbing your belly in the air.
while on ride at great america: "yAYUHHHhhhhh"

Wow pwns! "yayuhhhh"
by Lisa Y June 30, 2005

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