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adj. 1. Being extremely active in the area of communication through a cellular device.
Bill: Hey Freddy, Joe got a new phone.
Freddy: Huh.
Joe: Look, guys! I'm textually active! Just like you!
Bill: What a loser.
by Lilly Andromeda July 30, 2011

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"Let Notifications Stop!"

Said on Facebook when you keep getting a flood of notices because your friends are arguing on a picture or post you commented on.
You: Nice pic!


Friend 1: I insist that you are prettier!
Friend 2: No way! You're much more gorgeous!
Friend 1: hahah Nooo you are!
Friend 2: No you!

(This continues for a while)

Friend 2: Really, you are much prettier.
You: LNS, I say!
by Lilly Andromeda June 29, 2011

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Spazzy Keyboard Strikes Again!

Shouted upon the occasion when an iPod/iPhone/iPad keyboard autocorrects incorrectly, like a technological freudian slip. Is pronounced, "Sik-sah!" and is best to be wailed in a "STELLA!"-like fashion.

Can also be used when you or your chat partner makes a simple mistake in spelling.
Guy: Let's go bang under the stars...
Girl: All... right.. then?
Guy: SKSA!!!!
by Lilly Andromeda July 03, 2011

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