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1) Something uglier than the grundle or the taint, or both combined

2) Someone is a bitch

3) Cute name for a pet fish

4) A long lost Pokemon
"Hey man, check out that chick, she's a real grundle-taint."

"Vern, you're such a grundle-taint."

"Can you feed Grundle-Taint while I'm on vacation?"

"Sweet man, I caught me a grundle-taint."
by Lil Dick March 18, 2008

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1) The act of agressively pimping, to the point of embarrassing close friends who lack your pimp game.

2) Pimping hard.
"Man Drew has so many girls, I admire his pimp ferocity."

"I'm so embarrassed, he's got so much pimp ferocity it put me to shame."

"Ladies have have pimp ferocity too."
by Lil Dick March 05, 2008

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