2 definitions by Liax14

Daisy a girl who is bubbly, funny and incredibly fun to be around. She usually has blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. When your down she will always be there for you even if she doesn’t know what to say. Guys are in awe of her beauty inside and out but are always to shy to talk to her. She has the most amazing fashion sense her wardrobe is everything you could want. She’s very talented in art her drawings are amazing. She doesn’t like to admit it but she can sing very well and she’s good at Hip Hop too. Including all of this she is also kind, caring. If you were to get into an argument with her she would never shout she would just sort it out calmly. Thats what makes Daisy such a great friend and person in general if you have a daisy in your life cherish her because whether you want it or not she will always bring you happiness.
Friend: Wow daisy is so pretty

Other Friend: I know right!
by Liax14 June 4, 2019