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WICAP (wi kap) White Irish Catholic Amazing People. This organization was created by Liam and John as an apt response to what is commonly referred to as WASP (wasp) White Anglo Saxon Protestants. Though WICAP's international power is yet to be tapped, its potential is evident. Under the omniscient guidance of Liam and John, (Creators and Co-Presidents) WICAP is poised to make a big splash in the early to mid twenty-first century in the fight for a free Ireland. Eire; WICAP, though created beforehand, is a subdivision of AIICAP (ay kap) All Inclusive Irish Catholic Amazing People, which gives a chance for Irish minorities to feel more connected with their Irish roots.
WICAP has agreed to aid in underground funding of the IRA.
Considered a political group, WICAP gains its military power from its treaty with the IRA in the mid twenty-first century.
by Liam Ireland February 27, 2005
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WIGS (wigs) White Italian Greasy Slobs. This organization was created shortly after the development of WICAP by Liam Ireland in order to create a group to which a Bobby Italy would truly feel at home. This organization has no potential and is really a knock off parody of the ever beloved WICAP. Nevertheless they press on under their leader, Bobby Italy. Italy, being an open homosexual, has partaken in practices that have conflicted greatly with his leadership. (i.e. Boy George developing a leadership role in the organization.) For some of these reasons, WIGS is stuggling on the brink of implosion. And sadly, there is no bright future in store for the WIGS within their homeland. This is mainly due to their name which offends many Italians, most of whom have condemned Bobby Italy, calling him a heretic of sorts. However, though WIGS do not look to have a large following within their country of origin, there seems to be a large French following associated with the group. Thus, their future is unclear as WIGS frolicks into the mid twenty-first century hopping from one European country to another.
Tabloid Headlines:
WIGS leader, Bobby Italy is caught in homosexual love triangle after being seen in a gay bar.
WIGS files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection.
WIGS, after recovering from their economic slump associated with the appointment of Boy George, have regrouped and established new headquarters in a Frech backwater town.
by Liam Ireland February 28, 2005
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