2 definitions by LezzieLovers

1. Replacement of "That's what she said," although, it is funnier because people usually do not make this connection themselves; A subtle way to call the other person a homosexual.
Man #1: "No, that doesn't go there!"
Man#2: "That's what the gay guy said. Hahahaha."
by LezzieLovers August 2, 2009
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1. Actual bowling with lazer lights and blacklights.

2. Lesbian form of sexual bowling, where one girl puts her thumb in the ass of another girl, and her ring and middle finger in the vagina.
1. "Dude, cosmic bowling is awesome! Wear white and you'll glow!"

2. "Heyy babayy, I wanna go cosmic bowling. Is your boyfriend away?"
by LezzieLovers August 2, 2009
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