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A bullshit expression used to shame victims into not sticking up for themselves because this will somehow make you as bad, or worse, than the person treating you badly.

See also "Turn the other cheek".
EMPLOYEE: "My line manager is calling me names, publicly humiliating me and gossiping about me behind my back. I've asked her not to but she won't stop. I want to make a complaint."
BIG BOSS: "Oh she's not so bad really! Just try not to annoy her, and be the bigger person."
by LeytonCatLady April 16, 2019
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Worse than rubbish. A portmanteu of shite and rubbish but for when you're in polite company
JAMES: "So how's work then?"
JAN (because there's a child present): Ah, sh...rubbish! Shrubbish!
by LeytonCatLady February 16, 2019
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