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In ice hockey, the space between a goalie's glove-side arm and his body is the "seven hole."

Areas that are difficult for a goalie to cover are termed "holes." The net has four corners, and the space between the legs is termed the "five hole." The space between the goalie's stick-side arm and his body is the "six hole," leaving "seven hole" for the glove-side arm. Goals that are scored through the five hole, six hole, or seven hole are often considered to be the fault of poor goaltending.

Note: The term "six hole" is rarely ever used. For whatever reason, it is usually also referred to as the "seven hole," perhaps to emphasize the perceived lucky nature of such goals.
Alex: "I can't believe that chickenshit Marian Hossa just scored!"

Sasha: "San Jose's goalie is such a sieve all of a sudden How'd that go in? Five hole?

Alex: "I thought so too, but on the replay it looks like it got deflected seven hole."
by LetsGoCaps May 21, 2010
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1. A perjorative term for an unattractively thin woman.

2. A penis.

3. A hockey or lacross stick.
1. "Kate Moss would be hot if she wasn't such a twig."

2. "Before I'm on the job, I like to give my twig and berries a bit of a how's your father."

3. "He fanned on the shot and broke his twig."
by LetsGoCaps May 21, 2010
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