3 definitions by Leo Luigi

It's the brazilian national code for fraud know by many as fooling someone in order to get something from that person.
I'm gonna 171 my teacher to see if i can major this year.

I'm gonn a 171 my dad to get them to travel this weekend
by Leo Luigi July 12, 2004
College students site, full of funny pics, videos, texts links and etc, source of fun when sank in boredom
(or when you need an excuse to stop working)
"CollegeHumor Almost Invented the shocker"

"those contests on CollegeHumor are weird, but FUN!"
by Leo Luigi December 8, 2004
Short for CollegeHumor, a great humor and funny site, www.collegehumor.com

mostly used in shaming drunk people
"DAMN that was some niceass beer bong they showed in CH with the shocker and etc"
by Leo Luigi December 8, 2004