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Nikatchu (noun): is a cross between a furry, little Indian girl and a Pokemon.

Nikatchus (plural) originate from a mystical place in North London known as Buntok.

Typically, a Nikatchu is vegetarian for the first 23 years of its life. At the age of 23, it then transforms into a Carnivorous beast.

A Nikatchu has special powers including apple belches, playing garba at high altitudes and singing well known pop songs without hitting any of the correct notes.

Nikatchus are surprisingly smarter than they look. They can also be highly dangerous.
Aw look!.... It's a Nikatchu!
by LegalPixie December 12, 2013

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A term used to describe a bold, vivacious and audacious young lady of mixed Indian and Nigerian descent.

A Jasbodacious one's hobbies usually regularly attend trendy bars, clubs and restaurants as well as participating in Cumberbitching marathons.

A Jasbodacious lady is frequently found in the company of Pingettes.
Wow...that girl is Jasbodacious!
by LegalPixie November 26, 2013

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