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A cobra in a basket sent as a warning and/or method of assanination. To place a venemous snake in a box and send it to a unwitting victim.
While eatin his curry crisps, the young Satin Slipper was bit by a cobra when he unknowingly opened a Bangalore Suprise. In the movie Kill Bill, Bill's brother dies as a result of a Bangalore Suprise. Because the market owner raised his daily rent, the young snake charmer sent the boss's home a Bangalore Suprise.
by Lefty John March 08, 2010

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A term commonly used by middle eastern and/or Bangalore thugs in a fit of anger. Common Indian term of "Do the needful" used in as a threat and or angry gesture.
Please comply sherpa, or I will send most needful rocket. Satin Slipper will send a needful rocket if you do not do what is required.
by Lefty John February 26, 2010

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A common Chicago area white trash scumbucket. A Chicago person who acts like hes from a ghetto, yet lives in the nice side of town.
Look, its a Righty Tee, woo-woo! Hes got on Stacy Adams and a hockey jersey.
by Lefty John February 25, 2010

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A help or support desk located offshore in India, consisting of ordinary people provided a manual for providing fixes, but have no knowledge otherwise. An offshore support line where ordinary non-skilled workers read off a script to provide support.
Hambali used create sabrys, now he works the Bangalore Helpdesk. I called the Bangalore Helpdesk, and they told me to do the needful and reboot my computer. Satin Slipper used to work on the Bangalore Helpdesk, but he used to send too many needful rocket when he was frustrated.
by Lefty John March 08, 2010

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