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Aurora is the second largest city in Illinois and is nicknamed the "City of Lights". Home to the West Aurora Blackhawks, Marmion Cadets, Rosary Royals, Central Chargers, IMSA Matheletes, East Aurora Tomcats, and the Waubonsie Warriors.

Predominately, white rich kids go to the private schools and live on the West side of Aurora. Some of the more sketchy neighborhoods are on the East side.

Things you will see everywhere: Lots of Louis Vuitton and other designer purses, designer shoes, designer sunglasses, uggs, north faces, Doc Martens and cell phones with lots of bling. People think Aurora is ghetto, but you have to be on the right side of town to fit it. Believe it or not, lots of stuck up brats live in A-town.

Naperville is our enemy!
Naperville Kid: Oh, you live in Aurora?
Aurora Kid: Yeah, why?
Naperville Kid: I better not piss you off!
by LeesesPieces August 27, 2006
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