2 definitions by Lee kee-Bhum

A fairly attractive teenage girl who thinks their quirky but in reality are basic as fuck;
Most of them are seen with reusable straws, literally screaming “and I oop” or ”skskksksks” a hydro flask, vans, and a “vintage” Polaroid since their so quirky and different
God that freshman vsco girl is so annoying
by Lee kee-Bhum October 06, 2019
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A person who has consumed enough psychedelics to realize true happiness comes from the realization of the illusion of ego. The shrigma male is the above the alpha and sigma in terms of well-being, as they understand women and money are not the way to true satisfaction and enlightenment.
bob: Jeb is a weird one, always spouting psychedelic nonsense and how he meditates

mike: naw fam he’s just an enlightened shrigma male
by Lee kee-Bhum July 16, 2021
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