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The most incredible guy in the world. Smart and honorable, all Nathans will grow to have the biggest cock. He loves to flirt and gets all the girls. Godly at every little thing he does. He has curly hair that could be styled anyway he wants. Athletic, favored sport football! ever girl he meets loves him right away either now or later either way they will love him for his player skills and big cock. Legend in the bed and in the streets Known by everyone. He will have your mom wanting him. He is mostly serious all the time. Push his buttons he will fuck you up. Get him hyped his cock will be in your vagina for sure. All girls that just talk to him really want him in their dreams. They just cant say it. Loves the Asians and white girls the most.

Best Name Ever.
girl 1: OMG hes such a NATHAN!


-they fight-

Nathan: ladies ladies i dont mind sharing myself ;D

girl 3: can i join?
girl 4-99999999: US TOO!
girl 4651: I want that nathan!

Funny example :D
by Lawlster June 29, 2009
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Someone who claims to be a libertarian but believes that all manner of silly left-wing statist beliefs are an integral part of libertarianism.
Some bleeding-heart libertarian told me that "slut shaming" was the equivalent of going on a killing spree in a shopping mall and that I needed to "check my privilege."
by lawlster April 05, 2014
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