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The city of Irvine is owned and run by the greedy Irvine Company, one of the richest and most powerful real estate developers in the nation. It is all about money. There are NO environmentalists in charge. The voices of the city council all reflect Irvine Company policy because you cannot get elected without their support. Hills and natural lands being bulldozed now at record speed, in the top ten for new home starts in the nation right now. That is Irvine. They are now developing high density apartment complexes in addition to the miles of tract homes going in. The commercial building going on has got to be seen to be believed and yet that will be slowing because of the revenue that residential property taxes generate and will generate in the future if Irvine Company lobbying in Sacramento is successful in removing our Prop. 13 protections. When concerns about power and water are brought up, their answer is "There will be enough." Well, tell that to people dealing with rolling blackouts or the years of drought we've had.
I live just across the border, in Laguna Hills, and my concerns about this unimpeded growth, concerns about the water and power for the thousands of people the Irvine Company is building homes for everday and the impact to the area have been ignored. In fact all building seems to have increased in speed, perhaps to get it all built before the rest of the state wakes up to their greed. After all, their greed for resources affects the whole state.
by Laura53 July 28, 2006
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