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music is a major topic that presently causes alot of arguments. Different types of music is always directly related to how a person acts/dresses.. etc..
- this couldnt make less sense, as people forget it is simply a form of entertainment. Music can be indirectly related to the downfall of society.
person 1: so.. what music you into?
person 2: oh you know, i like the charts atm and a bit of R'n'b.
person 1 : WHAT! you trendy! EUGH!
*person 2 kicks person 1's behind for being a chauvinistic, predictable, alternative wannabe asshole *
by Laura M July 20, 2004

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during the last 4 years especially, people actually applying to a certain category was generally unheard of. For example goths were just a group of people that would only ever appear in an american movie. The sudden movement of being 'individual' became a necesity. Categories in which no1 lied opened and became one big trend. The people who DIDNT change their ways of life, music or clothes were labelled trendies, ironically so, considering the term trendy has the meaning of being a follower of trends.Although by NOT followin the trends of suddenly becoming a mosher , for example - the remaining group of people who are 'followers of trends' have become vastly outnumbered. Hence making the so-called 'trendies' the alternatives of our society. Go figure.
damned if you do, damned if you dont.
by Laura M January 01, 2004

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supposedly different to the 'norm'. A term also used to describe categories which society has placed us. Usually goths, moshers who reckon everyones out to get them call themselves alternatives, because theyre the same as everyone else.
'nuff said
by Laura M January 02, 2004

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