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A term commonly used by people of Latin American descent living in the United States Of America.This term was created not only by the U.S goverment,but,by Mexicans and Puerto Ricans,since in those times they we're the majority.It was a term created to not only separate themselves has being racially "white",but,to pursue justice.In the late 60's hispanics would be segregated by the anglos,they would be allowed to buy food in restaurants,but we'rent allow to stay and eat in the restaurant.Since Hispanics we're seeing has white,legally,they could'nt claim they we're racially discriminated against;the term Hispanic created many legal opportunities for spanish speaking americans.Hispanics now in days are considered a new "race",wether or not they're a race is up for debate;seeing has the term "race" has so many loose ends,varies from society to society,and has lost it's original scientific context.
A dark skinned man commits a crime,he is booked and taken to the precint.In his paperwork his race is defined has "Hispanic",for the simple fact that he comes from Colombia,and that he is a spanish speaker.
by Latino_Pride April 26, 2005

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