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The act of being rude, fistey, mean, and/or sarcastic toward someone for no apparent reason.

It can also be used to describe someone who is very goodlooking/attractive.
Kayla: Can you hold my spanish book for me real quick?
Leanne: No! Why are you always hassling me?
Kayla: No need to get spicy.

Laura: Wow, did you see Shalalala in the hallway today?
Leanne: Yeah i did! He was looking pretty spicy.
by LarryB Banker January 20, 2010

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The saying you say when you say something that you shouldn't have but do it anyways and then try to pretend someone else said it when really you obviously did.
Laura: "Yeah, I heard she had sex with her best friends boyfriend..........who said that?"

Leanne: "I try not to worry about it......who said that?"
Laura: "Good save."
by LarryB Banker December 15, 2010

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