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A sexual situation in which a man removes a condom after thorough use(filled with semen), places the filled condom in a slingshot and launches the payload at an unsuspecting female companions face. The condom hits the woman with a humiliating, stinging and resounding slap. The male then shouts: "Dennis the Menace, bitch!"
"Did you hear that Scott "dennis the menace'd" his girlfriend last night!?"

"No way! I bet she was pissed!"

"I don't know, I think he was too busy playing WoW to notice."
by Larry, Warrior of Wistron! December 17, 2009

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A sexual position in which one male is laying down face up (in an overly large bed) while he sexually pleasures four separate women. One female is riding reverse cowgirl, one is sitting on the males face, and the remaining two females are being pleasured by the left and right hand of the male respectively.

Whist in the midst of sexual coitus, the male moves his head to either the right or left to free his head from the vagina which he is currently performing cunnilingus on and exclaims "Connect Four!"
Nearing the point of quintuple climax, Chris removes his head from between his lovers thighs and exclaims:

"Connect Four!"
by Larry, Warrior of Wistron! December 17, 2009

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