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When friends and family members gather around before Thanksgiving. An assortment of food is prepared and stories are shared of why everyone is friends and thankful for each other. The only difference between Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving is someone at the party secretly dips their genitals in the gravy before everyone eats without telling a soul. The big secret is then revealed a couple weeks later via picture or video.
Friendsgiving was great! I ate so much food and everyone was conversing nicely. I will say, the gravy was a little on the salty side. I wonder why that was?
by Larry Templeton November 20, 2013

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When a girl is eating out your asshole and jerking you off (rusty trombone), and you squeeze out a fart right in her mouth intentionally.
Dude, last night this chick was eating out my ass and I gave her the lunch combo. I had some awful Chinese food, and she puked everywhere.
by Larry Templeton September 18, 2011

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