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Weld Wheels, created the Starwires 50s and 30s Spokes in the mid 1970s.

Then, Cragar bought the Patent from Weld Wheels and continued creating the Starwires along with the , "84s" and "83s" mainly from 30s and specifically for the Front Wheel Drive 1984 and 83' Cadillac Eldorados. Which the 84s "poke out" further from the wheel wells, than the 83s.

Then, later, in mid 2000s, Texan Wire Wheels bought the Patent from Cragar, and continued the Starwires.

Also, I heard TrueSpoke is going to going to continue creating the Starwires .
Starwires, are wire spoke rims that has amounts of 30s and 50s . "30s" and "50s" , denounce the amount of wires in the rims.

Weld Wheel is the first company to create them, which later companies such as Cragar and Texan Wire Wheels continued creating them.

TrueSpoke may continue creating them.

Also, look on facebook of the Club Page, that is specifically about these rims call "Cragar Starwire Wheels 30&50 Spokes..."

Plus, check out the film of 1988 call "Colors". In the film, which the film was made and is based in Los Angeles, California by the way, has a early 1980s Cadillac Eldorado that has the Starwire 30s spoke wire wheels all around .
by Landoverflown March 30, 2021
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Some type of vehicle that is a Pimpmobile. Usually a Large North American Vehicle such as a Lincoln, Cadillac, Buick, Ford, Mercury , etc.

Which the trend began mainly on the East Coast of 1960s and 70s and lived in different forms after the 70s , especially with Large Front Chrome Grills, Chrome Wheels, Wire Wheels, etc.

Along when Large Body On Frame SUVs such as Lincoln Navigators, and Cadillac Escalades appeared and began been tricked and chromed out.

Les Dunham who owns a shop in Boonton , New Jersey call "Dunham Coach". Is the creator of the Pimpmobile .

He is basically "The Father Of The Pimpmobile.

Look him up.

Fact: The name "slab" wasn't an acrynom, as it's used in Houston, Texas actually for a tricked and chromed out vehicle.

"SLAB" was just a word used in the late 1980s for a vehicle that sat too low to the ground, hence "slab".
The Acronym "S.L.A.B" which stands for "Slow Loud And Bangin'"' is for some type of Pimpcar.

Basically a Pimpcar.

The word "slab" was actually not an acrynom , it meant a vehicle too low to the ground and especially tricked out. Used in the late 1980s in Houston , Texas.
by Landoverflown March 30, 2021
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