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A long form of "LJ", the abbreviation for LiveJournal, an internet blogging site.
Dude, she's totally addicted to elljay!
by LadyKalessia November 12, 2005
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One of the fine establishments run by Tri-Con, a Pepsi Co. spin off. Contains a Kentucky Fried Chicken, a Pizza Hut, and a Taco Bell all under one roof, allowing visitors the dubious pleasure of eating nachos, potato wedges, and pizza all in one meal. A slightly more evolved form of a taco hut or a pizza bell and related to the emerging KFCANW.
A: Dude, wanna go get some lunch at Kentucko hut?
B: Nah, I'll pass. I can hear my arteries screaming at the thought.
by LadyKalessia July 4, 2005
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What happened when Tri-Con bought the rights to A&W root beer's restaurant franchise. Customers have the unenviable choice between hot dogs, chilli dogs, burgers and chicken, but can enjoy the finest of root beer floats. An evolutionary offshoot of Kentucko Hut
I stopped at the KFCANW for a float and some potato wedges.
by LadyKalessia July 4, 2005
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