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Otherkin are the absence of awful brained humans who fear evolution, who hate religion or spirituality they can not understand.

Otherkin are real. It has nothing too do with roleplaying games. Kin aren't just teens either, they can be my age and higher. I am 28.
Otherkin is based on the belief their souls or bodies are human, they strive for a spiritual balance like they knew on their home realm worlds or planets.
There can be elves, fae, vampyres, angels, celestials, daemons, furries, therians, odd energy beings who have no gender, or body form called polymorphs, and others called starseeds.

Some otherkin believe in ascension. The belief one can send their energy vibration level through the roof, and ascend beyond petty thoughts, mind games, and silly human things, such as material posessions, money and the eternal wants of something or another.

Otherkin is not the home realm word for us as a collective. My home realm uses the word "A'lendiae". It means "people of the balance". Not as if humans should believe it, but humans as a race would be the butt puppets of another metaphysical world of evil kin if the others did not give a damn in saving them, earth plane, and the concepts of magick as breathe, dance and flow. But that is ok, we understand humans too be without evolution and maturity, and we hold great pity for them. One day perhaps they will learn that their hate and fear of the unknown are useless acts of depravity, and will see the eroor of their ways after they transcend after death into another realm..one they often made fun of for pointless reasons.
The otherkin mocked the human who could not understand.

The otherkin feasted on the human's blood. Just because he was ignorant did not mean his prana wasn't satisfying.

The otherkin looked down on the fear of humans, and wept.

The Otherkin looked up at the stars and smiled.

The otherkin stood in the rain, drank the rain from the leaves and did a jig in a puddle. Life was grand sometimes.
by LadyAnara December 11, 2005
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